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Complete Captive

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Complete Captive creates and manages employee benefit captives for employers who want to unlock opportunity through effective risk management strategies. With over three decades of experience in insurance and corporate laws and regulations, we structure a captive that’s tailored to meet your specific needs and help you reach your goals.

  • Captive Management

  • Policy Administration

  • Financial Reporting

  • Regulatory Compliance

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Who should consider forming a captive?

A good candidate is a mature company that’s currently seeking to control their healthcare spend, and has a desire to engage in proactive risk management and participate in underwriting profits.

Successful captive participants are owners who understand that risk financing is a long-term solution, and are willing to get involved in the captive culture by participating in meetings and engaging in the governance.

Why choose Complete Captive?

Complete Captive provides flexible and innovative solutions to help companies who are willing to assume a portion of their own risk. We build strong, collaborative relationships with brokers, primarily by assisting in educating and empowering their clients so they are able to make confident, informed decisions.

Bringing insight, experience and expertise, we help employers drive best practices and strengthen their organization through economic and strategic benefits.

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Are you a candidate for an Employee Benefit Captive?

Learn how this innovative approach helps businesses gain transparency and flexibility, while driving strategies to control risk and identify areas to save money.